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Kim's Story

Kim became an apprentice at Ongo Communities in Scunthorpe studying Business Administration at Level 2 with CERT in 2016. After completing and achieving her Level 2 apprenticeship along with her Functional Skills Level 1 in Maths and ICT she progressed onto the Business Administration advanced apprenticeship at Level 3 passing in 2018 along with Functional Skills Level 2 in Maths and ICT. Ongo then paid for Kim to undertake her Level 3 in Advice and Guidance with CERT to develop her skills further which she passed in 2019. We caught up with Kim 2 year later to see what she is doing now.


Kim, after you finished your apprenticeship what did you do next?

After my apprenticeship I completed my Level 3 in Advice and Guidance and then I went on to to complete Level 2 in Bookkeeping and Accountancy and I  also completed a SAGE qualification. 

I was offered a promotion from Receptionist to Triage Advisor within Ongo Communities due to my level 3 in Advice and Guidance studies. I have recently also been offered the role of Triage Advisor to our Tenancy Services Team which involves learning new housing processes and gaining some experience and a qualification in benefits advice.

What is your current job?

I am currently Triage Advisor within Ongo Communities but will be starting as a Triage Advisor with Ongo Tenancy Support Services shortly.


What does your new role involve?

I am responsible for resolving all enquiries that come via phone, email or face to face in relation to Employment Support, Training, Counselling and Wellbeing. This could be via new clients, tenants or the customer centre staff that are unable to resolve any queries themselves. 


I have recently been appointed Triage Advisor for Ongo Tenancy Support Services as we identified that the support they offer can link into Ongo Communities services and visa versa.

Some of my new referrals/ queries will involve assisting with benefits advice, ASB or hate crime reporting, home skills assessments and more.

What is your typical day like?

I plan each day based on the queries that I receive as some could be of an urgent nature such as a counselling referral or a deadline for a benefits form to be completed. 


I am responsible for managing several mailboxes to ensure queries and referrals are resolved within set timescales. 


I am also responsible for tutoring and mentoring staff based within the customer centre as our new strategy is to resolve most queries at 1st point of contact and escalate any unresolved or more complex queries through to myself via our new triage process.

Thinking back to the goals that you had at the start of your apprenticeship, where are you at now with your goals?

Looking back, I feel I have come a long way since I first became an apprentice considering external factors such as moving into a new house whilst renovating it.


I had set myself small manageable tasks such as revising for one particular unit within my studies and then allowing time for a good work/ home balance so that I didn't become overwhelmed. 

I never expected to gain a promotion so quickly but feel that it was due to my training through CERT that started the ball rolling and gave me the inspiration to learn new  skills and take up new challenges.


My kindest regards to all of the staff at CERT who assisted me on my journey.


Is an apprenticeship for you?

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